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This group -- they need to be defined right on here UrbanDictionary. They're an evangelical website which some of the barbs they take at other Evangelicals are extremely funny. Some are in on the joke others well FoxNews pointed out with TBN was too soon. The barbs they take at Piss Drinking Bastard are something theistic evolutionists find extremely researched, Thing That One Finds takes the research they did a bit further when doing barbs at Fucking Cartoon and Uneducated Huckster. The Independent Baptist sects are their worst nightmare as they pissed off the entire sect with a single tweet.
The collective of Jonathan Swifts at the site The Babylon Bee had a really funny tweet -- the 1611 Speak clearly were not pleased with what was on ebay as the memes that are known as "First World Problems" relates how the Apostle Paul never used a King James Version. So this one really was an elaborate barb at the churches "King James Only Examined" from the light blue wordpress blog also did -- an artist who is a pastor at Dorr Baptist Church liked this blog entry to Godzilla. He saw the blog entry and said, "I didn't realize the blog that pissed off the entire King James Only establishment was yours. Damn -- your entire roster is the one they're after. Especially the one who has a KJV verse on his blog and cites Ray Bradbury. " He pointed out that blog entry is as infamous as The Fandom Writer was to slash fanfiction types as Archive of our Own banned the notorious author for pointing out that real person slash are parasite.
by ilinoishorrorman May 14, 2018
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