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A website for black (on rare occasions, Latin and even more rare, white) and mostly American millenials go to spread gossip and insults at the posted topic or, more often, at each other. They typically use emojis to express their content or discontent at said subject or in rely to another reply. The words "nigga" and "koon" are used frequently by these young blacks. Usually, they are used in a derogatory manner, as to add salt to a wound they believe they inflicted with a previous comment. One easily loses brain cells with the topics and subsequent comments. The Shade Room is occupied by these children who have "the latest" updates on ebonics. God forbid you don't agree with the masses on a certain topic. They will gang up on you, post insults and say things like "nigga shut yo koon ass up!". You can thank America for that...
Dude 1: did you see the replies these kids left in response to my post on The Shade Room?

Me: Nope. What?

Dude 1: read this (he shows me the article about Drake in black face. Dude 1 posted that he's tired of the racial shit. First response is from a young black man: "nigga shut yo koon ass up!").

Me: what, are you shocked or something?? That's the only way they know how to respond.
by GG Allin June 11, 2018
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