A sex act where you nut in a Gatorade cap and feed it to a goldfish
“Dude he pulled the renegade, we take this to our graves
by Chokkymilk July 31, 2020
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When person is overly obsessed with TikTok.
ME; Sally how was your da-
SALLY: renegade renegade renegade
ME: shut up sally
by TikToker999 January 24, 2020
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when someone kills you on your own shit
eminem renegaded jay z on his song "renegade"
by pakman57 August 11, 2010
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When some otherwise civilised person - breaks loose from their norm and does not give two fucks about convention.
"Did you hear, Dave went on some bender and passed out in a ditch before his Cambridge interview last night?" "Surely not... Dave's usually all straight A's." "Clearly not any more, renegade Dave has taken over"
by renegade dave December 23, 2015
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A renegade is a prostitute who works without a pimp. Renegades rarely work the streets. They are usually in casinos or hotels and get many of their customers from Instagram , Twitter and once upon a time Backpage. Despite pimp propaganda, most escorts/prostitutes are renegades and do just fine without their "guidance". Sex work will be a dangerous job regardless. They're mostly called renegades by pimps as a shameful, disgraced term to discourage their hoes from becoming renegades themselves.
Why wouldn't one choose to be a renegade. How can you trust someone to protect and guide you when they also beat and force you to work impossible hours.
by lanaela June 4, 2019
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An annoying-ass song that's been pestering me for the past few months during late 2019 and the first few months of 2020, because of TikTok.
Person 1: I love doing the Renegade dance!
Person 2: Get out, now.
by TheBlueBerry February 19, 2020
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a motherfucking outcast who care not about what anybody thinks or says about him
vic is a fucking renegade
by mchizi March 14, 2017
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