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The Pretty Reckless are an American hard rock band. Their sound is like that of classical rock n' roll blended with a modern twist, and occasionally with a grunge sound complimented by great guriffs. The members consist of former TV starlet, Taylor Momsen who stands as frontwoman and songwriter. Ben Phillips, the lead guitarist, who has an old sexy classic rock voice and tributes to the band's songwriting. Mark Damon is their bassist, who stands at over 6ft. and doubles as security for the band, according to Taylor in an interview. Lastly is the spectacular drummer, Jamie Perkins. Apart from his dazzling drumming skills, his beautiful beard and matching hair leaves many Zombies--the name fans of 'The Pretty Reckless'--in complete awe.
Zombie 1: My favorite album is 'Light Me Up', but I'm feeling this new 'Going To Hell' album!

Zombie 2: 'Going To Hell' rocks--no pun intended. 'Fucked Up World' is my favourite track.

Peasant: The Pretty Reckless aren't all that.

Zombie 1: LEAVE.

Zombie 2: GET OUT.
by Evad Graves March 23, 2014
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noun. name of Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen's band in which she is the lead singer. Some of their songs are : Make me wanna die, Zombie, Blender.
I love The Pretty Reckless, their songs are so great and Taylor can really sing.
by littlejlover February 11, 2010
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commercialized 'post-grunge' band fronted by some poser who got rejected from glee.
person1: woah just heard the pretty reckless on radio 1, they make me feel so rock n roll.

person2: i totally agree, lemme just put my nirvana tee on

person1: whats nirvana?

person2: i think it's a fashion label
by L0ls3n3xooxoxxxox September 13, 2011
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