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A game for 2-8 players that is best played in school, or any other location where rude humor and loud noise isn't tolerated.
The game begins when one player makes a soft/quiet sexual moan. Then the next player makes a slightly louder, more intense moan.
This continues in a counterclockwise pattern until one player decides to "pussy out" meaning they give up and don't want to make a noise. If this happens, the game is over, and that player loses.
Nick: "Ooh..."

Mark: "Mmm..."

Ryan: "Harder..."

Nick: "Oh yeah..."

Mark: "Uh...Uh...UH!"


Teacher: "That is very inappropriate, go to the office!"


Teacher: "Next time think twice before playing the pleasure game in THIS classroom!"
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by Professor Kukui December 08, 2017
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