A fanfiction written by LiveJournal user canniblaine. It's based around the FOX comedy/musical series, Glee, in which the character Blaine Anderson shoves a dead bird corpse up the ass of his boyfriend, Kurt Hummel.
I wish I was kidding.
The Pavarotti Protocol:

Please kill me,” says Kurt, nails digging into the hardwood surface of the table he's bent over. “Please kill me now.”

Blaine doesn't think Kurt is actually suicidal, so it's okay. The other Warblers watch on with a disinterested air, standing in a circle around the scene. Blaine decides that Kurt's lamentations are spurred from the heat of the moment and the knowledge of what's about to come to him, so it's perfectly fine.
by Cupcake-Angels March 27, 2021
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