The baddest Mutha Fucker of all times... No one else can compare..... (For males) The man you wish you were... (For women) The man you've always wanted....
Who the fuck do you think you are??? "The One And Only", Bitch.....
by Debo D June 14, 2007
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American-Irish rock band based out of the New Jersey and Waterford, Ireland areas. Has a niche in American Rock-Irish Traditional hybridization and is a bit idiosyncratic. 4 full length cassette tapes, 3 limited CD's and 1 double CD of "lost tracks" have been issued by Salmon-of-Knowledge Music, Waterford, Ireland.
Best Tracks: "Metal Man" "Testasterone" "Welcome to your 21st" "Nude Beach" "Leather Money" "Them that Help"
Soundtrack for "Scream of the Banshee" 1995
One and OnliesAmerican-Irish MusicScream of the Banshee
by Dave Onlie January 20, 2010
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An exciting act that can never be repeated by the artist.
The showman was a sensation covering himself in gasoline, dynamite, TNT, then lighting and match, sadly its one show only!
by I, Wreckerrr November 05, 2016
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Saying. An eloquent way of expressing your love and devotion.

Holds all of the below meaning;

1. The only one for me.
2. The only one I will ever love
3. Mine expressing romantic possession
4. Apple of my eye
"I want to spend the rest of my life with you; you are my one and only."
by LoveGuru June 06, 2012
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A total LTA currently consisting of the babe George Craig and the lofty lads Mark "Mittens" Hayton, Jack Sails, James Craig and Daniel "Pob" Parkin.

They hail from the grand land of Yorkshire and are very nice to vibe to.
Lad 1: One Night Only are having a concert soon. Should I go?
Lad 2: Go@.
Lad 1: Do you want to join us feeling the vibes?
Lad 2: Yhos mate.
Lad 1: LYB.
Lad 2: WAB.
by SAABMate May 03, 2011
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A "One Night Only" is a term for someone, usually a female, who agrees to perform in a strip club for "one night only". This usually indicates this will not be a regular occurrence, but sometimes it can be.
I just got my hair done and I feel sexy, I'm thinking about doing a one night only.
by Frostmatic May 26, 2018
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Indie rock band from the United Kingdom.

Members consist of:
George Craig (Lead Vocals), Mark Hayton (Lead Guitar), Daniel Parkin (Bass), Jack Sails (Keyboards) and James Craig (Drums).

Past members:
Sam Ford (Drums)

Their music video for the single "Say You Don't Want It" featured Emma Watson.

The single "Can You Feel It" is currently the song for Coca-Cola's 2011 campaign.
Person 1: What are you doing in London tonight?
Person 2: I'll probably go to One Night Only's gig.
Person 1: Awesome!
by colleeeeen April 16, 2011
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