Something that is unproductive, ineffective and a complete waste of time.
I fear this activity is becoming a bit like the One Show: utterly fucking pointless.
by iCritic June 11, 2011
An exciting act that can never be repeated by the artist.
The showman was a sensation covering himself in gasoline, dynamite, TNT, then lighting and match, sadly its one show only!
by I, Wreckerrr November 5, 2016
1. (adj.) refers to someone who runs everything.
2. (v.) in university ling, refers to someone who has no girlfriend, and thus masturbates.
1. "He does the hiring, he manages the money... its a one man show!"
2. Guy 1: "Does Jimmy have a girlfriend?"
Guy 2: "No dude. He's running a one man show, if you know what I mean."
by uniboi August 20, 2005
A T.V Show that aired in the late 1990's on Los Angeles Public Access T.V featuring the Spirit of Truth aka Reverend X aka Vince Stewart. Where he curses, and dances. Famous for his intro "I come in the name of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit." He even sometimes read his "rap" and even try to rearrange the scripture in the Holy Bible.
"One Man Show featuring me, the Spirit of Truth"....quoted on Tosh.o
by Abmaj9 June 23, 2011
basically meaning that a girl wants to be the only in a guy's life... love/relationship wise.
Guy: So what do you think about us having a threesome?

Girl: No thanks hun, I'm just a one woman show.

It can also refer to a guy hanging out with a girl and her not wanting to have other girls hang out with them.

by Darling Eve July 24, 2008
Subscribing to a streaming service just for a single show
“Man I’ve got one-show syndrome so bad for Cobra Kai

Sir this is a retirement home
by Urban_II January 29, 2022