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The Nub Team is a way to describe every Dota 2 team composition ever. The following is the usual team composition.

Your Team:

You: doing decently good, sorta bad, or absolutely amazing, depending on your skill level.

Spanish person: read below.

The Cocky: varies per team, but usually one per team. has some KDR like "10/2/0" and killsteals from everyone in the game. They blame you/The Support while ignoring The Noob

The Noob: usually has some KDR like "0/13/5" but ends up never being spoken of by The Cocky as bad, likely because of being friend/in cahoots with them.

The Supporter: usually has some KDR like "2/7/31" and gets yelled at alot by The Cocky for having a bad KDR (though The Cocky always ignores assists) but is still there doing most of the work helping the rest of the team win.

Their team:

Spanish Person: TODOS RATAS REPORT (your name here)

The Spammy: This person is the Their team equivilant of The Cocky. They usually choose a very cheap hero like Sniper, Axe, or Phantom Assasin. Nuff said.

The Rat: This person always is being a rat (rat is a term used to refer acting like a rat: carefully nibbling away tiny bits of structures, and running away at the first sign of danger.) who usually plays as Spirit Breaker.

The Stalker: you are unlucky if you find this guy, usually with a KDR like "7/3/5" and always following you whichever lane you go on.

SNIPER: this person only plays as sniper. Watch out, they will always 1 hit kill you. Because they play as sniper.
Im really tired of being on The Nub Team. :(
I got put with The Nub Team again.
How do i stop being on The Nub Team?
by chisseled diving board April 06, 2017
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