A game where one person puts their hand on different parts of anothers persons body-starting at their head and moving down the rest of their body- asking "are you nervous". You stop when the other person says yes. If you get lucky they'll never get nervous and you'll have much more fun.
I played the nervous game with Sally and she never said yes. Eventually we were doin the horizontal tango.
by Marteel March 11, 2006
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When you can feel up the other person and then ask "are you nervous" you then if they say "no" you can get it even more intense. This can also get sexual if wanted to (just for shits and giggles). You can go from lap dancing (why not)To taking pants of, to get into naked then casually ask "are you nervous" if they say no then continue on. by the end of the round they win. It seems easy but trust me even if you do it in a game, yes it is possible, and no not virtual reality, so, it's gets heated. By some extent. you can limit the moves you make so if you do one like say tickle them(don't kill me) thats one move. Everyone has a different way to play so feel free to switch it up a bit. I know I have.......
Person A: Lets play The Nervous Game
PersonB: ok
Person A: *takes pants off* "are you nervous"
Person B: "No"
Person A: *slides down underwear* "nervous"
Person B: "yes
Person A:YESS
by Echo Potato November 12, 2017
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The nervous game is a game of will power, or some other thing that makes you determind not to quit. The object of the game is simple: Your oppenent puts his/her hand on your knee, and you put your hand on his or her knee. Each person takes turns asking this question: "Are you nervous?" if the person answers yes, they lose, but if they answer no, move your hand up their leg a little more. Eventually, it will get interesting!
My bf made it through the entire nervous game! I wonder why...
by eyes_4_an_ANGEL September 27, 2007
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The nervous game is simple all you have to do is just touch each others bodies starting at the head making your way down the other persons body constantly asking the other person (are you nervous) -if they say yes or push your hand away STOP. Your turn is now over and its there turn . - if they say no and you hand is placed on their general part of their bodie sit on their lap facing them with one leg on each side of there body then starting at the neck slowly and softly begin to kiss there neck while making your way down and if you've made it this far the game is over and you guys should probably just start fucking.
Girl 1: OMG last night at Jakes house we played the nervous game and I got so hornny Girl 2: OMG no way did you guys fuck?! Girl 1: lol no he got nervous once I got close to kissing his dick
by Imma real 1 January 7, 2016
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yay! the nervous game: either grab or "feel" the person. start from their legs to get intense, then work your way up. and always ask "are you nervous" to the person you are doing it to. the more they say 'no", keep movin up. the more giggles, the more nervous they get. they can go through several sensations during the nervous game XD wootdizzle.

kathleen flores made it up. =)
do you wanna play THE NERVOUS GAME?
<game starts>
i feel the thigh
"are you nervous"
i feel the side...
"are you nervous"
*giggles* yes!

hahah. its great.
by kafween November 21, 2007
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A game where one person starts with their hand on your knee, then you keep moving up till the person slaps your hand away. if you get to the top of the thigh move to the inside of the leg.
jim played the nervous game with jill all night. untill he got lucky.
by ohnoshediinttt. October 7, 2009
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A game played with a guy and a girl. The guy touches the girl's chin and from there gets to touch wherever he wants, the entire time asking if she's nervous. If she is, she loses.
Someone who enjoys the nervous game will never be nervous.
by lina22222 December 20, 2007
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