A fictional body of water where many female actors, singers, performers, or other artists are jokingly presumed to have created or prepared their best work, which is then celebrated and discussed by their respective fan communities on social media. The phrase derived from Twitter users, particularly within online queer communities, speculating that their favorite female artists came up with their work through divine or spiritual intervention at this particular body of water. The visual description of the “Mother Lake” is open to interpretation - some view it as simply an enigmatic wooden dock on a mist-shrouded pond - others envision it as a sapphic 80’s Summer Camp on a lake populated by canoes and a serene sunset. It is thought that the “Mother Lake” contains healing or regenerative properties, which female artists harness as a source of energy to create what their fans consider flawless or excellent work.
Friend: “Have you listened to Fiona Apple’s album ‘Fetch the Bolt Cutters’?”

Me: Of course, she took a dip at the Mother Lake before writing that album.
by pseudonymicbran May 4, 2022
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the lake where rosalia swam before releasing el mal querer
she did backstrokes in the mother lake
by mimayukikanator April 29, 2022
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Often used within the online queer community (aka Stans), Mother Lake is a divine lake where female artists, actresses, performers, etc. go before putting out their best work. The name comes from the term “Mother”, which queer communities use when defining their favorite celebrity. In many ways, Mother Lake serves as a source of spiritual enlightenment and inspiration, and only the best can swim there.
Person 1: Did you stream Do We Have A Problem??

Person 2: Omg yasss!! Nicki served, took a dip into Mother Lake just to gag the rap girlies.
by Affiliate of BRC June 11, 2022
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where wanda went before attacking kamar -taj in doctor strange in the multiverse of madness
wanda went to mother lake to transform
from wanda to the scarlet witch
by wandasdeadkids July 13, 2022
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Regina: "Trish really dove into mother lake head first in 2000 and stays inspiring the current girlies."
Michelle: I know right?!?
by keephoesontheytoes July 25, 2022
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