A sexual act where the female expects the male to wear a condom...but at the last second the male removes the condom, penetrates and yells, 'Let my people go!'
I totally pulled The Moses on my girlfriend last night, and now she needs an abortion.
by ComedyGoo August 6, 2010
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A driving maneuver where two cars in the same lane change to opposite lanes simultaneously opening a path where a third car (you) can shoot through.
I was stuck in behind a tow truck and a bus when they both did The Moses. For whatever reason, it happens all the time around me. - D. Bruch
by D. Bruch May 11, 2009
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When you lick someone elses fingers after they have been inside an asshole
The other day I was being electric and doing The Moses
by BallsToTheWallSL January 3, 2022
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A sex move; when she is menstruating and you part her vagina lips with your hands to lick her clitoris. Therefore, parting the red sea.
My chick was raggin' last night so I did The Moses before I ate her out.
by P.C Rickshaw October 13, 2010
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The person who is at the head of an impromptu line or group of traveling people.
(Narration by David Attenborough)
"As the group ventured across the field, a young female assumed the role of "the Moses".
by reubentheboobinjewbin October 10, 2011
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Like Moses did in Exodus 10: 23, you must part her pussy lips like the Red sea and insert both heads (penis tip, and actual Head) at the same time. the goal is to eat her pussy like a freshly carved pumpkin and not cum in your eye at the same time.
OMG Jessica, Alex just pulled a Moses on me 30 minutes ago!!!

Yo dude, my girls was on her period so I thought The Moses was a Good Idea
by the pal thats an AL October 23, 2019
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When a person seperates the ass cheeks of another person while listening to christian tunes.
" Ayo , Mario just pulled the Moses on me! "
by Jackie && Shelly June 24, 2006
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