The Kirby Dance, is to this day, the single greatest emote known to man. It spans from texting, to mesaging, and AIM. But the orgins of such a powerful emote seems to be from the MMORPG World of Warcraft, and Mr. Rogers (Some legends say that Mr Rogers had this as one of his many gruesome tattos during his tour in vietnam). Although it appears to be nothing more than a simple emote, such as


It actually has a much more indepth purpose. It is, by most, to be the single most amazing way to spark a conversation. Also, legends say that one who can acutally perform this emote in real life using their body, could be endowed with inmortality, and unlimited wealth. Of course, no human could possibly mimic the Kirby Dance.

Except for Chuck Norris, Mr. T, and Kimbo Slice.

The Kirby Dance emote looks like this

Tom:Hey guys whats up?
Kerra789: N2m chatting how bout you
Tom: bout the same lolz. so you guys set for friday
Jacob1000: yeah bro i am. Hey whens leroy comin back?
XxstevenxX: who knows he said he had a phonecall
LEROYLOLZ: <(*.*<)(^*.*^)(>*.*)>
Tom: wtf is that?
Kerra789: o.o
XxstevenxX: im going to kill myself now. bye

XxstevenxX is offline

LEROYLOLZ: FUCK YEAH!!! All hail The Kirby Dance!
by MrSnorlax September 17, 2009
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Kirby's Dance
DUDE lets spam the Kirby Dance
I love the Kirby Dance
She Kirby Dances alot
by Habbler February 2, 2009
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A mixture of symbols on the keyboard that looks similar to Kirby From Nintendo. used by forum users in their signatures
Person1: <(^.^<)<(^.^)>(>^.^)>
person2: z0mg! is that teh Kirby Dance!?
person1: yeah dude hes teh 1337 d00d
by Dale O'reilly August 17, 2006
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This is an old meme that used to be very popular (lol). It was made by using emoticons and has many different forms. (>'o')> is an example, but my way is (>•°0°•)>. The below example is me joking around. (yet one of my friends reacted this way) Kappa. You can screw around with emoticons, or copy someone else's.
"Person 1:(>•°0°•)> <(•°0°•<) \(•°0°•)/ KIRBY DANCE"
"Person 2:YEAH KIRBY DANCE!!!11!1!1!1!1!1!111oneoneone"
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