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Originating in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the JFK experience is a common name for the in-game sniper rifle called the AWP. Using said item supposedly allows its user to inherit the skill of the fabled sharp shooter Lee Harvey Oswald, who for our non-United Statians was the man killed President John F. Kennedy. These supernaturally obtained abilities have yet to be explained by science, but local legend says the eternal spirit of Lee Harvey Oswald rests within any sniper given this lethal name.
lmao kek his AWP is named "The JFK Experience"
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by Blekarz November 07, 2018
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Peeking Glaz in rainbow 6 as a defender and getting instantly headshotted.
Yo, that doc just got the JFK experience when he peeked Glaz.
by FaZe SmallFaggot January 22, 2018
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