Exactly what it is. an infamous little kid who has a compulsive need to seek pleasure and excitement even at the expense of safety and well being of others. Without a doubt the kid who can justify ANYTHING he does/says

explicit rapper/rockstar who provoked the internet for his unusual yet unfiltered dark philosophy of life and society. A well known fuckboi for all the wrong reasons
J grimes is the infamous outcast and unfiltered artist strongly linked to criminal status

The infamous J Grimes
by U R clueless October 11, 2021
name says it all
Infamous J grimes is exactly what it sounds like

J Grimes represents infamy, lust, envy, vengeance , promiscuity, greed, destruction, chaos, innocence and ambiguity. To name a few

No one like the infamous J grimes
by Tabitharabbit004 January 14, 2022
Highly disliked rapper,singer currently in the game despite having little to no support in his career for good reason. Also known as the “prince of infamy

J Grimes is the strangest artist to have ever resurfaced, it’s no wonder why’s beloved just as much as he’s despised.

J grimes is forever regarded as the “worst rapper in history” give or take a few other artists worthy of that title

Infamous J grimes is posterboy for grunge cringe

No one like the Infamous J Grimes


J grimes is ETERNALLY INFAMOUS, a notorious failure if you will
by Tabitharabbit004 January 14, 2022
an influential (albeit malevolent) Internet personality who’s shtick consists of provoking the public and offending the world on religion, politics, celebs and literally everything and shows zero remorse for it as nothing truly matters to J himself. Grimes is notorious for being brutally honest and being the Jack of all trades; no one like the sinful son himself

J Grimes truly is da wickedest 🤙

People hate to admit he’s right about everything, that celebrities are stuck up and that breaking morality is what gets you to the top aside from 1% luck, they like truth until you throw it in their face. J grimes is the rapper that teaches that rebellion is acceptable and that it’s in our nature and that famous people are just as shitty as the rest of us

J likes to corrupt things and juniorize them, like making parodies of songs and causing people to turn on one another cuz it’s fun, if there’s music and dancing then junior grimes is for sure to be nearby
*people at synagogue enjoying ceremony*

J grimes: *shows up undetected*

J grimes: alright it’s showtime!

Jews: *suprised pikachu face*

J grimes: who wants pork chops? >:)

Jews: RUN! somebody stop him!

J Grimes: too late......

Everyone there: *panics and screams in agony*


The illicit yet infamous J grimes is the ugly truth of humanity and the beautiful lie at the same time


Teacher: alright class who here can name one of the worst dictators in history?

Student 1: uh adolf hitler?

Student 2: junior grimes?

Teacher: well, you didn’t have to go that far, looks like there’s no competition when it’s the infamous j grimes

Classroom: .....woaw

Student 1: oh yeah I forgot about him

Teacher: don’t mention his name, it’s forbidden

J grimes: duh! Who tf you think your referring to?

Students: *facepalm*
by informant from yonkers September 3, 2021
The worst of the worst. Allows evil to exist and has no intentions to stop.

though known under many different names he’s got no shortage of talents; dancing, singing, rapping freestyle, mechanic skills , playing instruments , to negotiation tactics and multilingualism.

The forbidden one has since day 1 vowed to become the greatest which is why he’s always been determined to come out on top even going far as to mastering nearly every skill known to man.

He allowed islam to be created in order for people to kill each other over it and indirectly manipulate people through false religions

This kid has no right being this justified and right about the world and society

he challenges everyone’s beliefs and doesn’t give a fuck whom he offends or hurts. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that this unknown kid won’t do , he’s a chaotic force of destruction to anyone/anything

The infamous yet illicit J grimes: *drops a new album*

World: *goes on lockdown AGAIN**

J grimes IS DOUBLE LETHAL to say the least
by SuddiusMaximus October 9, 2021