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The Idiot Kick is a phase in a relationship that happens three to six months in. The term first coined by Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) in Chasing Amy refers to what you'd be to actually leave someone at this point. The Idiot Kick as it stands is the time in a relationship when you begin feeling trapped subconscious or up front---It usually is subconscious and the point in a relationship where any small action your significant other does which is cute or you can put up with ends up driving you off the wall, it will haunt your every thought, and maybe your dreams. Any time you see the exit sign you'll want more than anything to just bolt like a convict escaping jail.

Although mainly evident in guys, The Idiot Kick does happen to women. The effect of The Idiot Kick is always the demise of a perfectly good, functioning relationship which will cause a person to regret ever doing that but it will always be too late. If a relationship can survive the Idiot Kick it will most likely survive past marriage. The Idiot Kick grows in a person's mind like a cancer, and can/will consume every part of them until they do something they regret. If a person were to put up with it long enough it would end in a grand catharsis, but most of the time the relationship ends before The Idiot Kick.
An example of The Idiot Kick is:

Your ex: "Well ok, so that was ex number one. Lets move on, see the next guy was..."

In your head you're thinking "well we all have several relationships, it's all cool."

Three months The Idiot Kick you thinks "JEEZ, She's such a little slut! That skank's probably cheating on me, little Brat!" and while at work all you can think about is her spreading her legs for another guy, and it gets to the point where you can hear the legs on the bed you imagine she had back then squeaking as they rock back on forth. The next time she mentions any other guy you yell some profanity at her and break up with her for no real reason.
by JohnsonThePerson May 25, 2013
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