an abbreviation for Rockhurst University located in Kansas City Missouri
Mike: You ready to go to The Hurst this fall for college?

Wil: Yeah the road to The Hurst begins
by waxmacher August 15, 2011
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To perpetually only be in one's boxers, preferably sitting at your desk in a dorm room with the door open while working at your laptop. In some cases, using the elevator wearing nothing but boxers/shorts.
Mostly done by skinny southern boys.
When I walked by the room in the afternoon, he was totally hursting!
by Elena07 April 23, 2009
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Bitchin suburb of Ft. Worth texas! legit people live there right in the middle of everythingg....cept a dq. Hurst has almost anything you want. Cool crowd of people diverse in ethnicity,incomes and parts. we ghetto,classy,mid-level. fucking melting pot of the dfw area!
man 1:heyy! dude wanna go to freakin hurst!?

man 2:Fucking of coursee hurst is where its at!
man 1: Fo sho! everyone's kicking it there
by toolegittooquit June 20, 2011
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mr hurst at cheadle hulme school lol go u rok on pervs
i can c rite up ur skirt
by clodders March 12, 2004
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