The Hot Friend is a friend you low key like but you’re to afraid to do anything because you’re to afraid to lose your friend.
Bro she’s The Hot Friend but we won’t ever do anything.
by Gingermans November 19, 2019
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A guy/girl who isn't exactly enough to be your boyfriend/girlfriend, but is still pretty hot for a friend. People who are classes as hot friend material usually have a great sense of humour / a good personality.

Do not confuse with "Friends with benefits", as sexual attraction isn't directed towards someone who is hot friend material.
Lizzy: Peter is pretty hot, but I don't think he's quite boyfriend material.
Sophie: So you think he's hot friend material?
Lizzy: Yeah.
by Pickapon August 24, 2014
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Great for some seasons, not so great for others. Aka, short-lived best friend
"I've had a lot of hot chocolate friends... it makes it hard to trust people."
by TheLoafLoaf March 31, 2017
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When two woman have shared or are sharing the same penis. A female version of Eskimo brothers.
Karissa and Mandy have both had sex with Curtis. That makes them hot pocket friends.
by MrArrozConPollo July 10, 2015
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a hot chocolate friendship. good for cold months, but maybe not perfect for all seasons.

-you need friends. even hot chocolate friends. especially when your life goes to shit.
"She/he was my hot chocolate friend. When it was cold it was comforting. When it was warm they were just not there anymore."
by lilpoof April 22, 2017
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Bully your hot friend day is the day you get to bully them for being so hot.
Bully your hot friend day is my favourite holiday
"My friend is so hot I can't even"
"Yay its 22th May, so it's bully my hot friend day!"
by Vindija May 22, 2021
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