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Three shits a day for three consecutive days. This is the modern day stigmata, with Gods presence passing through the blessed. One may feel holier than thou on the occurrence of this Godly movement/movements.

The Holy Trinity must fall within the following conditions:
1) There must be three shits produced in one day. These must occur on three different sittings. This is referred to as a Trifecta.

2) One must achieve 3 consecutive Trifectas to complete The Holy Trinity.

3) The shits must be full bodied and although there is no size restrictions, diarrhea disqualifies one from reaching a Trifecta.

4) The over production of feces, resulting in more than 3 shits, will result in instant disqualification.

5) Purposely 'locking off' during a sitting (not allowing the natural completion of ones poo) will result in instant disqualification.

6) Thou shall not deceive his fellow pooers by wrongfully claiming a Trifecta or The Holy Trinity.
1)Yes, a Trifecta... 2 more days of this and I will be Holier than thou. Bring on The Holy Trinity!

2) Oh my God Chelsea, as I looked into the toilet bowl and saw 3 nuggets shimmering back at me in the shape of a triangle, I knew that today would be the day I would achieve The Holy Trinity.

3) Chelsea said, 'Check out Chris's instagram... he's done it! He's documented The Holy Trinity.'

4) Did you hear that Chelsea also achieved the Holy Trinity... I didnt think she had it in her.
by Chrisybabe July 02, 2014
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The name given to the trio of Lily Loveless & the twins Megan & Kathryn Prescott, who played the characters 'Naomi', 'Katie', & 'Emily' respectively in the TV teen drama "Skins".
Used by fandom peeps whenever the three are seen together.
The Holy Trinity looked hot in that episode!
by Pope Meg August 21, 2010
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The trio of the most powerful women in hiphop music. Nicki Minaj, Beyonce Knowles, Rihanna. This trio has slayed the chart since the beginning of their respective career.
Girl 1: do you like Nicki, Beyonce, or Rihanna?
Girl 2: I love the Holy Trinity!!
by VocalityKnowles January 03, 2015
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when you're really depressed about something and nothing you try to do can make you feel better, you...
-take a shot of the cheapest vodka locally available
-chase it with a shot of captain morgans
-chase THAT with a whole beer (preferably bought by someone really sketchy at a local gas station)
john: dude, my girlfriend dumped me today for my best friend.
creepy stranger: shit man that sucks, you want me to go into that arco and buy you some natty ice so you can get the holy trinity on tonight?
by broskisausage February 13, 2010
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The Holy Trinity of Weed is the three basic things one might have while smoking. Weed, A lighter & Visine or other eyedrops. If you have those three, you can pretty much smoke anywhere with anything (pipe, blunt, bong etc) And the eye drops are for stopping redness in the eyes. Mostly in backpacks of high school students.
Jim: Bro, I wanna smoke before class/
Joe: We should throw fives. But how are we gonna get it fast?
Jim: Its cool. Marks got the Holy Trinity in his backpack.
(Fist Bump)
by 352420 November 23, 2011
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The sexual achievement in which a 3 sexual acts are performed on the same day.
The Father: Sexual Intercourse
The Son: A Blow Job
The Holy Ghost: Masturbation
Steve: Dude! I achieved the Holy Trinity!
Jim: No way! Lucky fucker!
by HolyGhost247 October 23, 2010
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