When you're fucking someone in a field and just as they get off you throw them onto an electrical fence and scream "There can be only one!" Also works by throwing an electrified appliance into the bathtub or shower during climax.
Hot girl with big tits: "Oh my God Travis I'm gonna fucking cum! What the...?"
*shoved into electrical fence, zapped to high hell via The Highlander method*
Travis: "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!" *sings Queen's Highlander Theme*
by Travisistheguywhowrotethis January 29, 2006
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After having sexual intercourse with a woman, when the man forgets to pull out and accidently ejaculates inside the woman and the woman becomes very upset, the man will say to the woman, "Dont worry, for I am the Highlander". Since the highlander can't get women pregnant this is a good way to shut the said woman up. If the woman is unconvinced the man can then grab a fork and shove it in a electrical socket and while being electrocuted he can scream 'THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!"
Hey man, I forgot to pullout of my girlfriend last night but it's alright 'cuz I used "The Highlander" trick.
by kyuuketsukou January 13, 2013
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Won the Academy Award for "Best Movie Ever Made"
So i was watching Highlander, when my girlfriend walked in and came at the sheer genius of Sean Connery.
by jimmyos October 15, 2006
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in paintball, the person who keeps getting shot and never leaves the field
i went full-auto on that guy and he didn't go out, what a highlander.
by ionz4ever! September 2, 2008
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A sexual act in which the man upon reaches climax yells, "It's the quickening!!!' He then proceeds to convulse and make make arm lighting bolts and thunder sounds.
Dude, last night this skank from Tri Sig let me Highlander her twice.
by ShinesLikeGold June 18, 2008
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One from the United Kingdom territory of Scotland (the highlands, see highland). Also a movie with famed highlander, Sean Connery.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 3, 2004
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It's a mid-sized SUV made by Toyota that got its name from the Scottish Highlands. The Highlander resembles nothing of Scotland or the Highlands.
Lass: Nifty Rav 4 you got there, laddie boy!
Lad: You bloody berk, that's a Highlander.
by Erlangga April 5, 2011
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