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Among the usually loud, outspoken, boisterous, and hardcore fans that attended the now defunct Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) federation, stood a middle-to-late-aged man at the front row, "The Hat Guy", who was well-known just for being an even louder, even more outspoken and more boisterous fan than any of his peers. When everyone else was sitting down, he would randomly stand up (on average 30 times during the entire show, (if not more) and bark things at the wrestlers, referees, women, and just about anybody who walked into the wrestling ring.

It seemed like he showed up at nearly every single ECW event.

And since no one knew his name, they identify him as "The Hat Guy"
Wrestling Fan #2: Who's that guy screaming in the front row?
Wrestling Fan #1: Oh that's the hat guy.
Wrestlign Fan#2: What's his name?
Wrestling Fan#1: No one knows. He's just 'the hat guy'.
Wrestling Fan #2: He part of the show?
Wrestling Fan #1: Although it seems like he is, he's not.
by CheyenneWyoming May 29, 2006
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