An imaginary line down Alter Rd, a border between Detroit and an affluent suburb, Grosse Pointe. Driving across the Green Line is obvious and somewhat striking, as the surroundings turn from abandoned buildings and brown lots to mansions with green grass and trees, hence the Green Line. It can even be seen on satellite images from Google Earth. The green line is also reportedly the largest difference in average house value across a single street anywhere in the world.
"Drive east up Jefferson Ave. from downtown Detroit until everything is suddenly alive again, that's the green line, then take a left at the first light.
by Wansanchez November 1, 2006
Possibly the greatest of all Sydney train lines, brother to the orange line.Green line completely shits on all other lines in the Sydney metropolitan region, and possibly in the world. although there is a popular culture for blue line and its destinations, everyone knows it's just full of metro faggots and emos on there way to "maranda" (biggest hole). these "emos" and "metro's" say that their precious blue line is greater simply because the last time they found themselves on green line they had to hand over money, phones and/or possibly their shoes. this simply shows how pussy blue line kids are compared to green line kids.
green line has been producing Australian's toughest kids for generation with the slogen "harden the fuck up blue line".
one may find themselves confronted by angry lebos,fobs,lads ,triads and bogans on green line but simply say green line rep'z and your in the clear. (excludes blue line kid's, they will no your blue line because your shoes will be new).
green line represent.
by gerkiee March 28, 2008
The green line is both a metophorical and physical phenomenon. One that no more than, or less than, two can experience at once.

It is a path that is seemingly fruitless, one to be followed out of pure wanderlust and curiosity.
At the end of the path the pair may feel cursed, at first, as seemingly random chaotic events begin to happen. New, and often painful truths begins to expose themselves.

Quickly, though, the duo will realize they have been giving the power of clear sight and eminence ability to shift reality with suggestion.

With the clear sight may come heartache, being that they will no longer be able to ignore truths, no longer will sugar coated words sound sweet, and all lies will become crystal clear.
If they wallow in this, it will be a curse, however if they use it to their advantage and grow a bond over it - it becomes a blessing.
"Things are falling chaotically in place. Green line."
by Entroproxy May 4, 2019
The best movie ever. It's a documentary about a cross country team in Illinois that wins their 25th state championship in 50 years under coach Joe Newton. Although two varsity runners were expelled, other runners stepped up and the team still won state.
The Long Green Line is my favorite cross country documentary.
by xcrunner234 November 29, 2010
A cocky, pompous, and predictable documentary about the cross country team of York High School in Illinois. The film was made in 2007 because the team had won 24 state titles in the past 45 years, and in the movie they win a 25th. The Long Green Line is absent of hard work, struggle, and adversity, and is, instead, a boring movie about a team that cruises to victory. To make matters worse, the runners are cocky, selfish, and several of them were arrested for arson and underage drinking. Unfortunately, this is the movie many non-runners associate with the sport of distance running.
Buddy: "You were a runner in high school?"
Me: "Yeah, I went to states in the 3200m."
Buddy: "Oh, you were like the guys in The Long Green Line?"
Me: "Umm no. For one thing, my state was WAY more competitive than theirs, and for another thing, I wasn't a complete douchebag."
by DukeT November 24, 2010