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Basically when people hate on you for being honest or forthright with your opinions. You stand by your principals no matter what, this can often be misconstrued as having no regard for the feelings of others, but in reality only shows integrity and sincerity.

People hate you regardless.
The Gerstmann Effect:-

Jeff Gerstmann: "Kane & Lynch Sucks Balls."
Eidos: "Well you can eat shit."
Gamespot: "Yeah... umm... dude... your fired."
Jeff Gerstmann: "Why?!!"
Gamespot: "A bunch of stuff... but definitely not because you said Kane & Lynch sucked Balls."
by Kane Roderique-Walker February 05, 2009
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When a corporation that has reached a bureaucratic critical mass so high that it forgets what function it is supposed to be fulfilling fires a respected and core employee, causing other employees in the company to quit in response. Occurs often in the video game industry, such as with the formation of Double Fine (run by former Lucas Arts employee Tim Schafer). The term comes from the firing of Jeff Gerstmann, a respected member of the video game community, from Gamestop due to what many have inferred to be his negative review of Kane and Lynch, a game produced by a company that was paying Gamestop at the time for advertisements.
Suit 1: Remember the good old days, where we reviewed games and thought about the gamers, and weren't just looking at the immediate bottom line?
Suit 2: Fuck that, this guy lost us money by giving the game made by our sponsors a bad review! Fire him!
Suit 3: But he's one of our best employees, won't that harm our credibility amongst videogamers and cause us to lose money in the longterm?
Suit 2: What's a videogame?
Suit 2: Okay, so, I fired him. But now a lot of other dudes are leaving because they say we've completely lost touch with our readers and market.
Suit 3: Fucking damnit, it's the Gerstmann effect.
by That Frood November 18, 2009
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