A term used to describe an adorable, yet fussy (or slightly fussy) baby.
He's my little fuss box, and i love him.
by corey_zombie August 6, 2011
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What did you do last night? Not much just stopped at home fussing the dog
by Dave alsop October 25, 2007
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Man, shut that fuss!
No, how about you shut that fuss!
by breez1 May 3, 2008
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Literally means: I just do't give a fuck, dont give a fuck, dont give a fuck etc. Turned into Fuss Dont Givva through extended use, usually said in a meaty,in yer face style, with plenty of saliva and lip movement. Inspiration comes from various shit rap songs.
Fred/ Harry/ Dejan/ Aidan: Shit! Mr. Kingman gave me a B for my essay on "Little Things".

Tom: Fuss Don't Givva Fuss Don't Givva Fuss Don't Givva Fuss... etc
by Keherish October 23, 2006
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Peach fuss are the thin facial hairs that are usually found in 130 14 year olds before they get a mustache.
HAHA, that's not a mustache that's peach fuss!
by Thuggish June 20, 2003
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you have too much time to worry and you need to get a life. Could also mean you're a slut who can't get enough dick!

Another meaning could be -- you're a pot head and can't find anymore weed!
"Lindsey, you're such a fuckin fuss pot"
by blow.ur.mind.sexy August 20, 2008
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