An alternative to the popular program 'The Lion Man'. A fat repulsive paedo who works as a job centre advisor moves to a shared house where he lives on a diet of hideous smelling non branded foods cooked in cheap oil. The camera crews follow him in his every day life of agraphobia, depression and waiting outside schools in long jackets at home time.
"mummy, there's a man squirting milk at me through the railings. oh shit its the frying man. lock up your toddlers and get the bobbitt scissors"
by Roderick Van Chuffsplitz August 01, 2009
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Dreaded cousin of the equally dreadful Mashed Potato Man. Comes to life when two employees of a fast food chain mate. Often seen wearing bright orange clothes and hats with yellow M's on them.
The evil French Fry Man Lurks around every corner of every street! Beware!
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one who puts fries into a blender then imbibes them with much vigor and delight.
Definition speaks for it self. (Do I really need to tell you?) It is a man who like french fry or fried smoothies. the fry man put is name brand french fries in to a blender then proceded to blend them into a paste like substance, he then proceeded to take out his lucky straw and drink it as if it twere a liquid! or it is simply a person who really likes bananas!
by Tim Bill June 01, 2006
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