The Fluid is a Denver grunge/punk band formed in 1984. They were originally Madhouse until their singer came in and formed The Fluid. They have had global concerts until they broke up in 1993. In 2008 the Fluid reunited to play at the Sup Pop 20th anniversary festival. Today all original bandmates are back together and are playing gigs around the nation. Try to see them
The Fluid has played with Nirvana, Mudhoney, and more bands. Try to go to their concerts or find them on youtube.
by nicest terrorist April 24, 2009
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A hetrosexual person who's sexual preferance can change from male to female occassionally. Anyone attracted to and has a fling with the same sex but is not gay or lesbian. To have" blurred" the line of sexual preferance from male to female
John, a jacked male, loves his looks and body so much, that at times he is attracted to other "like" attractive males and in a drunken state, makes out with his "like" male friend. But he is not gay and loves women, he just loves beauty and is attracted to it, as he is to himself. He is fluid.
by smelly darcy March 25, 2013
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gender identity
sexual orientation
anything that does not meet apparent societal norms

One's sexual orientation and gender identity can be seen as fluid or as having fluidity.
by LGBTQQIA activist December 11, 2008
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a term used to describe a feeling, mood or even an appearance.

- To be cool, relaxed, calm
- The way someone may be dressed (nice, fly ; overall good looking)

- This term evolves from the word, "good"
- Q How you been bruv?

A I'm fluid.
- Ay come outside, im waiting..

Alright, fluid.

- Fluid shot bruv!

- Ay you lookin' fluid man
by Khaneezythe1 March 22, 2017
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Easy to understand. Easy to write out.
Yo, what you said was fluid.

That assignment is so fluid.
by Randeeeeezy November 29, 2011
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A music making videogame for the Playstation.
Dude, Fluid is awesome, pass me that bong.
by AnYoNe! September 26, 2007
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Any type of alcohol that gets people loose.
Lil' Fizz's song, "When I'm off in the club, sip sippin, on some sip sip sippin on some on some do it to it fluid"
by Ya girl is wild... May 19, 2006
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