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A male performing any motorsport activity, such as motocross, ATV riding, or trail riding, in the dirt, mud, or sand, in highly dry and dusty conditions for extended periods of time, sometimes days, without bathing and while wearing jockey-type underwear, whereby creating a soupy mess of sweat, dirt, and ball-mustard on and around the unkempt scrotum, shaft, and testicles prior to a first date with a recent female acquaintance who proceeds to drink herself into oblivion, passing out on her back, therefore loosening her up to accept a dirty, soupy, stink-fest of a cock into her mouth as if snaking a toilet to clear a clogged drain.
That whore over there has done 15 shots already, I bet she’s about ready for the Dirty Plummer.
by Mr. Fuckemyung March 23, 2011
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