The "Dirty Den" is a town in Connecticut known as Meriden. Theres the Inner City, and the Suburbs. The inner city is run down, and dirty looking. Theres a lot of businesses that moved or went bankrupt, and now their just old, deteriorating buildings. We're most famous for our mall and our hospital. We're drug infested.
The inner city kids are mostly mixed races. Most inner city kids are dirty. (as in they aren't preppy, their ghetto. Their in gangs and everything like that) Then theres the dirty white kids that are usually into every drug they can get their hands on, some are into skating at the park, and some like going to local band's shows. Theirs the usual preppy white kids too, into shopping and football and beer-pong.
The kids like having parties in cemeteries and the woods. We call loud, drug filled parties "bangers" instead of raves.

Theres a lot of trashy adults too. We have some famous homeless people. "Stretch" is the most famous. He stretches every 3-4 steps that he takes. Theres Army-Joe, he has flashbacks of Vietnam.

The kids get Zooted (High on weed) Twisted, (smoking and drinking) Toasted (high on heroin or pills) Zung/Zonked/Yipped/Zipped (high on crack/coke) and Cocked (drunk) We yerk pills. We toke bud. We love cheap vodka, and natty ice.

We have a good amount of police officers. (aka "Pigs" or "The 5-0") Most of them are assholes. You'll hear kids yell "SQUALLAY!" if the "5-0" comes around.

Theres always a package store within one block of where your standing in the city.

We're a poor town in Connecticut. We hate them rich Milford or Cheshire kids.. They do too much coke. We mesh with the Wallingford kids, but they're kind of full of themselves, and different looking.
Everyone in this town gets a long, everyone in this town has one thing in common, we love partying. You chill at the mall every Friday from 6-9th grade.

Kids from the dirty den WILL KICK ASS whether they be preppy, white trash, or ghetto, so don't offend them.
Wallingford Kid: Yeah I just went down to the dirty den to score a sack of trees by the mills and the pigs tried busting me.

Cheshire kid: I went down to that "dirty den" to pick up a sack of coke, it was sub par at best. Get this, they tried selling me crack first! The guy was wearing a t-shirt in broad daylight, NO collar, it didn't even say Hollister! Pahaha! Lets go do some yager bombs and snowboard all day.

Inner city kid: Dis white boy was walkin down the street negga, I watched diz negga break inta every car he walk by. White boys is crazy in dis town negga, they jus don' care negga.

"I just got jumped in the dirty den"
"I just got back from a banger in the dirty den"

by CHALK1110 August 23, 2008
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n. nickname for the city of Meriden CT.
Comes from the ghetto-ness of this said place.
Don't fuck with the Dirty Den, unless you wanna get murked.
by Markotix January 31, 2005
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