Right after dropping a deuce you stand up, turn around and ejaculate on your log
I woke up this morning feeling horny, so I turned my morning dump into The Deluxe
by Conk5 August 23, 2018
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A person, object or event that is considered to be of a very high standard.
So, I was in this new club with these hot twins who kept buying me drinks all night - it was so deluxe!
by kid chameleon October 16, 2003
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I just installed this deluxe sound system in my car.
by SpanJ0 June 17, 2003
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Where you get head and sex from a female of your choosing.
"Yo,i'm bout to go over to Sha-nay-nay house to get deluxed up"

"Sho nuff"
by Jayzahn November 25, 2004
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Deluux a kind of a sex machine which is licking and sucking at everything
by Anonymous June 29, 2003
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Brian Sheridan; Nick2; Awkay. Origin is from 2003. Derivitive of Lake Mary. Listen, you people think you know deluxe. Deluxe is something to live by, it is a standard (in contrast) to a way of life. -Luxe, is not only a definition of positive atrributes, but is something of a religious context. Something deluxe is something to the max, it's something exquisite. Deluxe is Brian Sheridan, deluxe is Lord of the Bucks. Deluxe can only be said by the few and proud, Nick2 and Mike Sorel (however, Mike has yet to find the true keys of the deluxe- chact hvac, and Lake Spritz). Upon finding these artifacts of luxe powers, one will become deluxe. Mike however is the exception due to his knowledge of the ancient conquest of chips, nips, flips, drips, daps, naps, trips, zips, and etc. Holler
Lord of the Bucks is deluxe.
Brian Sheridan is deluxe.
Junior and Brian Eckstein are not deluxe. Holler.
by "Deluxe" Nick May 13, 2004
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