A group sexual position named after some airline (ask around an airport and you might figure out who and why) in which the recipient of The Delta assumes a "diaper changing position" and is penetrated anally and punched in the nuts (or vagina) by one partner, as the other partner strangles the recipient with a telephone wire and shits in their mouth.
If you travel enough or work for an airline sooner or later you will know exactly what "The Delta" feels like.
by Richie Rich Anderson January 28, 2010
The sorority of Delta Delta Delta tri Delt are the girls next door. They are down to earth and very classy girls, who have a very high repuation. They are no drama, and ignore the rumors that are spred because all of them are completly untrue. If you want a sorortiy where sisterhood is Delta Delta Delta is the best house on any campus. Crazy, fun, and know how to have a good time girls, that are beautiful and sexy in each and every way. The best house around it a classy tri delt.
Wow this girl really knows how to have a good time...yeah shes a delta delta delta!!
by dezyree May 19, 2008
One of the largest, and strongest female fraternities on campus. Started in Boston, MA in 1888 and now has national head quarters in Arlington, TX.

The girls are cute, nice, and like to have fun. Ignore the rumors, they aren't all true.
Is she in a sorority? Yea, she's a Delta Delta Delta Tri Delt. I wish I was.
by Anna1 April 16, 2006
The hottest, smartest, and most fun girls on ANY campus
I wish I could get a delta delta delta chick

nah man they're wayyyy too good for you
by gangsta308350830285 February 28, 2008
easiest girls to get with, also known as Tri-Delts
"Delta Delta Delta, can I help ya' help ya' help ya'?"

1"Dude I didn't get any last night."
2"You know what they say 'If you can't get any, Tri-A-Delt'."
1"sweet, I think they are having a party tonight!"
by cf2 April 30, 2007
The sluttiest chicks on any campus. If you're on a dry spell and there's a chapter at your local college, head on up and take your pick.
Tri-Delt Answering the phone: Delta Delta Delta can I help ya help ya help ya?

Anyone with legs: Uh yeah, I'll take an asian, a blonde, a mexican....can I get fries with that?
by FratMan10 June 26, 2011
Aerospace terminology. Delta - an aircraft flying maneuver in the shape of a V. Can be used to ask somebody to "Delta" (go away another direction).
I don't know you, Delta/ Delta out of my sight
by yoil December 15, 2020