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The Corydon is the ultimate expirience for any warm blooded male. It is a combination of the three most wonderful feelings in the world: eating, shitting and receiving a blow job. The Corydon begins with a blowjob while using the toilet. Be sure to eat a lot of fiber in the hours leading up to this event because you want the shit to be as pleasurable as possible. The girls eyes are fixed on you the entire time, but she cannot make eye contact because a plate with a steak is in the way. This is not some crappy steak you get at Applebees, this steak is tender yet firm and utterly delicious. While the "blumpkin" is in process you have a headphone in your ear playing big poppa by Notorious BIG (RIP), there is also a small french fellow playing the violin in the corner watching the majestic Corydon take place. There is also a TV in the room that is playing the scene from Shawshank Redemption where the guy is on his knees embracing the feeling of freedom and exhaustion on loop. When you finally let your love nectar explode into this young lady's mouth fireworks bring light to the sky. Afterwards you flush the toilet like a gentlemen and leave the bathroom to a room full of your family friends and childhood icons. Your face is then fixated in an expression full of satisfaction and accomplishment for roughly 3-6 weeks depending on the quality of the steak. The Corydon was named after the ingenious maverick-renegade who has officially changed the definition of true love and brought sexy back to the bathroom.

Note: You have to marry the woman who gives you The Corydon, Its the rules
Passerby: Why hello good sir, why such an expression on your face?
Love God: (Silence)
Passerby: By God, you must have completed The Corydon! You are a god among men and a true inspiration to us all.
by MacLethal45 April 14, 2009
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