Four really really really really good-looking guys that live together and are renowned for their sexual prowess with the ladies. They also by coincidence are all hung like thoroughbred horses.
Girl: OMG The Core Four just walked in

Other Girl: I know I can barley keep my legs closed

Third Girl: Me too
by The 923 January 19, 2011
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grouo of four friends who are kind, beautiful, and smart. most exclusive group that you may know. every wants to be in the core four. everyone just loves the core four.
by Lori Finn April 2, 2017
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The Core Four is a friend group that was established early 2019. It's four idiots who don't know how to act, or apply themselves in school but all still manage to pass. They all love each other very much and tend to suffer from separation anxiety if apart for any amount of time. To all the people that are friends with them, sorry.
dude: "What are you doing this weekend?"
member of the Four: "Hanging out with my Core Four, sometimes five if you include our Spanish teacher."
by denytheex6969 December 23, 2019
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A group of four awesome chicks within a larger group of friends that are totally the innermost and coolest of them all. But shhh, their elusive clique remains on the DL. Hashtag, awesome.
by Nancy drew December 3, 2013
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Pretty much the most rockin group of kids after made up of Miranda, Nina, Mike, and Nick. Modeled after the Core Four of Fox's hit series The OC; Miranda as Ryan Atwood, Nina as Seth Cohen, Mike as Marissa Cooper, and Nick as Summer Roberts. Their future is so flippin' bright, you need sunglasses. They have been known to say such things as, "Get over it!", "You can make it dance...", and "Congratulations!".
I wish I was in the Core Four.

Core Four rock my face hard.
by Nina T January 8, 2007
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A group of people (usually guys) who think they are better than everyone else because they have 3 other friends and a lame name.
Girl 1: Did you see those jackasses over there?
Girl 2: Yeah they call themselves the Core Four... they all act like dicks
by Alyssa S. September 14, 2019
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A MacPro with four cores.
1. This should be a four core whore, but instead it's a three core boat anchor!
by eekolite August 31, 2008
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