During a class in school or somewhere where you are supposed to stay quiet two or more people must say the word cock as loud as they can without being caught, whoever is able to say it the loudest before the other person gives up wins.
You: Hey do you wanna play the cock game
Your friend: yeah sure let’s do it
You: I’ll go first
Your friend: ok
You: cock
Your friend: Cock
Your friend: nah I’m not doing that you win
by FallieWagon April 18, 2018
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You call your mom/dad to hurry and come to you. Meanwhile you try to masterbate as fast as you can until you cum. You mostly beat the cock to beat the clock. Its really intense!!
by fuckster flags April 3, 2010
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A fun game for men, originating from Devon UK, each member of the group will individuay approach the unsuspecting cockpocketee and try to slip his penis, unnoticed into said pocket, thereby winning a drink from the rest of the cockpocketers.
Cock pocket (game) that grockle : "Eeer, Dave, the grockle, eees been cock pocketed" mines a pint me ansom!

Slip a penis in a pocket without being sussed out.
by Cockpocketeer March 17, 2020
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A cock block that occurs in a video game caused by someone watching the game.
During Grand Theft Auto
Joe:Can you shoot your gun on a date.

Brian:I don't know.(Shoots gun and girl runs in fear)

Joe: Oh man! Sorry, thats the biggest in-game cock block I've ever been apart of.
by Nice Cream Paint Job November 13, 2009
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