A year has gone by.

I still go to the class everyday. Nothing much has changed. I see those same faces, same tables, same chairs, same layouts, same lights, same professors, pretty much.

Looking around, I feel like there is something missing, just can't explain what it is. I never really paid attention, so it takes me awhile to figure it out..


You are no longer there. You have moved to different school..

Looking back, I remember seeing you at the end of my first quarter. You were sooo quiet. I often found you sat alone in the back of the classroom or in the corner somewhere. I remember now, the first time you sat down was two rows away from my row (toward the back of the class).. The first time, you literally sat behind me. I was sitting with other people at that time. I think I recognized that you were a new student so I was trying to impress (show off my skills).. I answered all of the questions right (maximum points) multiple times.. Were impressed by it? I think you were. I saw you kept looking at me only (and only me) when I randomly turned around..
The classroom where you once were in.
by Wanderlust ® January 11, 2022
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The memory flashes back to me like it was just yesterday.

After the class ended, I think you left first and waited in the hallway. I saw you. I kept walking.. looking down. I turned left. You called my name. I startled. I turned around.

"Hi, my name is Yu. Are you Jin? I wonder why you ignored me.. as you walked pass me.." - said by you..

"Oh no nothing at all.. Don't worry. Are you... interested in me? I saw you kept looking at me when we were in the class." - I said.

"I don't only look at you.. where did you pull that from?" - you replied.

I think I said "very good". I smiled and gazed deep into your eyes as you were trying to explain yourself. I think you were blushing.

Looked at me and only me, and initiated the conversation with me first and said "no no not like that.." when I asked if you were interested in me.. Only my puppy would believe..

I think the gaze I gave you was too powerful.. you were just so quiet and looking deep into my eyes.
The classroom where you once were in.
by Wanderlust ® January 11, 2022
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A jail cell. A classroom is known for being a jail cell. It traps students for hours until you are dismissed.
by DrHvked March 10, 2021
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a place (noun )where children are trapped from 6-7 hours to do work
throwing up is a good way to get out of the classroom , remember this you who is on here during class
by purple LOUD mouth November 27, 2020
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The place you will dread being all through life until the end of college. You will be there until you finally get a life and leave your dumb parents basement. You suck!
Little Johnny will be in the classroom until death as we know it.
by Rainbow 2223 April 15, 2016
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