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The effect when one takes of their braces and suddenly changes.

Examples: When a tomboy becomes super girly, when a nun changes into a drunk, when somebody against everything does everything, when a frog turns into a prince.

The point is, The Braces change you. From good to bad, from bad to good.
"Hey remember that girl/guy from high school?"
"Oh the one with the colorful braces? She/He was such a saint..."
"I was partying with her/him last night. You will not believe how drunk she/he got and that's not even the whole story!"
"Whoa, The Braces Effect!"


"After they took of their braces the twins changed so much. One got really sexual and the other just did everything he said he wouldn't do!"
"Dayummmm, The Braces Effect really turned them into hypocrites."
by Captain Dentist August 19, 2013
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