National heart day! Send a heart to your bestfriend, significant other, or your enemy if you want! <3
Angel: its the 26th... national heart day Leon
Leon: oh no...
*Angel runs after him with a heart sticker*
by Givem3food November 5, 2019
the 26th of every month is officially national ranboo day. usually on this day, a hashtag will spread on twitter with thousands of people celebrating their appreciation for ranboo our beloved
"did you know its national ranboo day? its the 26th! the day people celebrate their little catboy enderman!"
by eliphobic May 4, 2021
national ranboo day, celebrate your appreciation for ranboo our beloved. typically you'll see a hashtag trending on twitter on the 26th of every month, dedicated to ranboo.
by eliphobic May 4, 2021
The 26th of each month its just national Ranboo day because why not. he is Ranboo. if he wants a national day to celebrate himself. he gets it <3
Friend: Oh its the 26th did you know thats the date when they lowered the voting age? its very important-
Friend: ...
by ranboob.beloved July 26, 2021
The best people are born on this day and are to be loved forever don't let them go no matter what. They are also adorable.
Karen- why are you so adorable
Voice 2-I was born on January 26th duh!
by Urbae1739 December 21, 2019
August 26th is national cuddling day. You can cuddle anyone you want without it seeming weird.
Guy 1- Hey Howard, it's August 26th you know what that means ;))
Guy 2- Bettt
by Albert Norme October 14, 2019