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A greeting originally coined by the St. Express. It is followed by an endless array of words, without any regard for conversational traction.
St. Express : "Hey man"
Random Recipient: *runs for his life

St. Express: "Hey man"
Random recipient (RR): "hi" (Oh no I just got presented with The "hey man"
St. Express: "yeah so I just talked to the owner of a hardware store in Malibu, he asked me if I wanted to work for him. LOL. I was like yeah there is NO WAY. I mean the weather is nice and all, but I am just no good with hardware. You know what I'm saying?"
St. Express: "I was talking to him after last week's meeting with the board of a local charity I'm involved in. He's not actually in the charity but he wanted to get involved, and all of a sudden he just offers me the job, right of the bat"
St. Express: "But I said yeah Dan, because that's his name. Actually I think it's his middle name, his first name is John but he doesn't like to be called that so he lets people call him Dan. Frankly I don't think John is a too bad name. I mean, John Wayne? Right?! Yeah, no so he prefers Dan."
St. Express: "So I said Dan; listen. I know I got many talents; but selling hardware isn't one of them. Thank you for your offer, I am flattered by it. I will pass it on to some friends of mine who are better at that sort of thing."
by men at work May 27, 2013
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