The area between the throat and the jaw
I'm going to punch you in the thaw you lazy ass
by LJ339 December 06, 2007
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Widening of the asscrack due to Anal sex.
Jees mate, after last night i'm thawed.
Stop, stop, i'm thawing!
by Crusaders fo Hobnobs-oaty wars December 11, 2011
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thAw is a very sweet Swedish girl that plays Nukezone and is very popular in its community.
Not to forget she is a sexy goth girl!
NZ Moderator Souless' likes: My clanmates, goth girls (like thAw), ... , ...
by Gexter August 03, 2004
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1. The


2. THAW: when you trying to studying/working on a holy amount of tests/exams/assignments while defrosting your ramen you cooked at 3 am the week before THAW because you can't just have enough ramens.
Me: Oh sheep it's THAW tomorrow!! Imma die soon :(
Friend 2: Well, good luck on your THAW! Good nite Quackie :3
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Tony Hawks American Wasteland
see shit
-a badly made game made by neversoft who are a bunch of lazy fucks.
kid1: man thaw 0wnz!!!1!1one!1!!
kid2: yea, too bad neversoft fucked it up so bad
by <CM> Ashton July 10, 2006
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Notorious british gangster, Godfather of the Birkbino movement started in L.P, Birkby in the early 1950's.
A ruthless villain, with a passion for liquor and fine women, 'the reverend JT' is known to have survived at least 7 attepts on his life, incluing a gunfight in fartown with the notorious Beppy da barcode. Now the stuff of legend, and serving 9 life sentances for murder, exstortion and armed robbery.
It is also widely knwon that he first coined the phrase 'mo-fo', when he famously bitch slapped pappy chiz in 62'.
Taken from 'John Thaw', the criminal underworld and gnagsters with style (2002, chemistry publications)
by sollywog June 10, 2006
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