“Do you like winning?” - Daniel Hunt
“Yes.” - Every human being
“Then you should play Fat Parts Skinny Parts, it’s the game where everyone wins.” - Daniel Hunt
by HunkOCheese January 11, 2018
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When some one in search of a job is only looking for an hour or two a week.
Manager: How many hours per week do you think you can work?
Bob: I'm looking for some Part Part-Time Hours...just like one or two hours aweek
Manager: Get out of here, now!
by ColbyW April 27, 2012
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When a mechanic has no ability to troubleshoot a problem. Instead shoots the "parts cannon" at the problem. He ends up replacing every component in the system in hopes of fixing whatever was causing the problem. A complete waste of material and labor.
Customer: My breaks are squeaking.
Dumb Mechanic: You need new brake calipers, pads, rotors and wheel bearings. FIRE THE PARTS CANNON!
by flying July 1, 2012
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The pussy part, is the best part of a song, the catchiest part
the rap break in dalla dalla by itzy is the pussy part of the song!
by hyunjin from loona October 16, 2020
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Similar to part 3, but not as extreme. It is most likely just going out with someone. It doesn't include making out(which is part 2.5) or touching the privates of your other(which is part 2.8).

Anything sexual that isn't sexual intercourse can be defined as part 2.xx. The more sexual it is, the higher the digit.
Brian: "So we totally did part 2.5 last night, it was awesome."
Wes: "Woohoo! We got up to part 2.8, but Meg wanted to stop."
Brian: "We got up to part 3."
Brian and Wes: "Stfu."
by Brian Wesley Brian June 7, 2009
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spare parts is an insult used to call someone bottom of the barrel
you're made of spare parts aren't ya bud?
by shesdickeredbud December 29, 2016
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A word for when a weeb wants to be a dingus to someone who watches jojo by saying that they skipped parts
You can’t send jojo related memes, part skipper you haven’t watched that part yet!
by naviiii September 2, 2019
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