A guy that likes to be molested, commonly used by the abusers to reference those who they determine those that can be molested.
So you are an okay guy. That means you like how I touch you here!

That boy over there is an okay guy
by Roxas_Reverse March 24, 2023
An Uber guy. A man who is an ultra man a man’s man someone who doesn’t have an effeminate bone in his body. He’s so straight it’s painful. Also a man who tends to be over sexualized. He is single but he has an excessive amount of sexual activity.
See that guy hitting on the waitress he’s such a guy mandude69. She doesn’t know what she is in for.
by Guy Mandude 69 April 20, 2022
"number 15: fatty spotted at Walmart, the Cheetos gave him the heeby geebees and the giggly gigglys and the drinky drinkys"
fatty borger guy in mcdonalds ordering some fries and mieiendonnlds spwiot
by jish loo420 June 9, 2022
A small youtuber (or according to the definition of "Micro Creator" a Micro-Micro-Micro-Micro creator) that surprisingly makes good videos BUT CAN'T REMOVE THE DAMN WATERMARK.
Also, a lot and I mean A LOT of the videos are copyright claimed
Some guy who makes GOC memes is a good youtuber
by GOC_Memes April 26, 2022
An individual with one arm. The lone arm acting like a slot machine in a casino.
Dad: Hey, did you see the slot machine guy at the McDonalds?
Me: lol wtf
by Sicariuss July 3, 2021
When it's a drug addicts birthday
Guys did you hear it's tadl's hi guy fly bi?
by Rob¿ July 9, 2018