When something loses half of its value or amount as a result of something else.
"Ah shit man, my grade just got thanos'd after I failed the exam."
"I just thanos'd my bank account when I bought that car."
by DropKek May 29, 2018
Slang for mass genocide or when half of something ceases to exist.
Nibba: Yo, did you see the new SSBU World of Light trailer?
Nibba 2: Yeah! It was so sick, but everyone got thanos'd!
by stalindidnothingwrong November 3, 2018
To lose something of it's value or amount in half due to random circumstances.
I haven't seen my neighbors cat in a while now, it must of got Thanos'd .
by chrispykreeme August 15, 2018
To disappear or fall silent in a conversation without notice
Sorry I got Thanos'd yesterday. I had something come up
by Rogue Outcast June 19, 2019
When Thanos snapped his fingers in the universe of Infinity war Everyone went frickin PoOf and half of the whole population on earth got done fucked
"Remember Kristina? Oh yeah she got Thanos'd. God that is such a shame."