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The words you say after quoting anything by Beyonce.
Girl 1: Dude ur such a diva.

Girl 2: Well a diva is the female version of a hustla! Thanks B!
by flygon=bestPokemon January 14, 2010
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another way of saying "thanks babe" or "thanks baby"
Gurl: u look cute

Guy: Thanks B
by pizzacheese May 27, 2018
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Something you say to talk shit to a person that u have just murked or treated. Often used to ridicule a person who just got their ass whupped in Madden or SSBM.
Nigga, dont be tryin nunna Mew2king bullshit cause u gots no mindgames son. Look at that, I just 4-stocked yo ass. Thanks Beeeeeee!!
by thanksb January 04, 2007
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