Hybrid between the word "them" and the word "that".
by @JoeBardaji November 9, 2013
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To strike a vagina. Can be done for reasons of 1)pleasure or 2) aggression.
1) I want to tham her with my dick!
2) I hate her so much I want to take my fist and tham her with it.
by (pro) November 22, 2010
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Tham is an abbreviation for "That has amused me" a replacement for the over used lol "laugh out loud" - a common conversation killer. lol is used when infact someone has not laughed out loud but merely smiled or has nothing to say yet feels slightly amused.

lol dis reli isnt gona b a repeat fing, it was reli jst 4 the experience of a milf, and to b able 2 say i fukd a milf

tham - fair enough


that has amused me

lol o ok

lol is so out right now
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Tham is a girl that goes to Stone Valley middle school. She is hated by all teachers, (Miss Kono) and she is really ugly. I think that Tham might be the single FUGLIEST person in the world!
"Ew theres Tham walking down the street, she better hide, there are kids around"
by sarah April 1, 2005
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Tham thmit is a lauded Among Us player.
Hey why did you he run up and press the emergency button instead of reporting the body..? Wait nevermind it's Tham thmit.
by VirtualFlames October 27, 2020
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Joelle Samantha Tham is someone who makes your life feel unexplainably complete in regards of joy and pleasure.
My best friend is an absolute Joelle Samantha Tham, I'm so grateful for her!
by Millicentsamantha April 11, 2022
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