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Teya is beautiful and awesome! She is a lot of fun to hangout with! She doesn’t care at all about what others think of her! She loves to embarrass her best friends and to be embarrassing with her best friends! She doesn’t judge you at all and listens when yuh talk!
Teya Caldwell is awesome boi!!!
by Cheesecake Jr November 21, 2017
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Teya has brown hair that fades to blonde! She likes her hair short! She is pretty, kind (most of the time)! She doesn’t like to smile cause of her braces, so she will stick out her tongue in all pictures! When her hair gets wet, it curls into the most perfect little curls ever!!!! She laughs silent most of the time! She loves spicy foods, specially takis! She will go thru thick and thin with you, you will not get tired of her, and she is up to do almost anything anytime except when she’s sleeping or hangry!!!! She gets tan rly easily and has a super bad tan line of wearing shorts. She loves making up songs and/or dancing to weird things! She loves over sized clothes, no she lives in oversized clothes! She can not eat like have the things in the world but will eat them anyway! Doesn’t like to follow the rules and loves to talk back to people!! She is also a old women at heart! If you meet a teya, you’ll be best friend or gf and bf forever!!!
All boys want a Teya Caldwell!
by Cheesecake Jr July 26, 2018
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