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when people get angry about a text that was misunderstood. This usually happens when the texter forgets that sarcasm and charming voices do not carry well via text. The textee then feels that anger or ill will has been presented and lashes out against the unsuspecting sender of the original text. Friendships have been severed and spouses have been murdered due to such trivial matters. It's amazing we are all still alive to read this bit of nonsense.
Upon reading and misunderstanding his wife's text, he fell into a fit of text rage, throwing his cell phone across the room and watching it smash into pieces.
by buggerritt October 25, 2012
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When you waited forever for a reply to your text and the only thing that you can do is rage
I texted my crush and got text rage!!!
by Text-Rager September 08, 2013
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