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Independent strong woman.. Makes other woman very uncomfortable when she's around. Will have a man wanting to choke her out and marry her at the same time. Sex is unbelievable.... She'll keep him wanting more. Everything she wants she gets with no problem no excuses. Hustle is her game!!
You better get you a Terrylynn....
by TeeTeeCherry April 02, 2017
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Popular, always in the crowd, known for having a bad bitch always. Smoked weed , makes bread and becomes a rapper. Fine as hell all the females want her , sex bomb af and head game on 1000 nuff said🤙🏽
Everyone knows Terrylynn
by Dvddy18 March 14, 2017
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(n) Popper-smoking Zombie.
(n) Medical Term - when your eyes permanently cross after frequent pink-eye experiences.
"Wow... check out that girl's case of Terry-Lynn."
by ambean August 12, 2009
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