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The violent act of unexpectedly flattening someone, often, though not necessarily, performed in an office setting.
Mike: It would have been hilarious if the band had played in their library.

Ray: Hilarious because I would have to Terry Tate their trombone player!


Josh: If I ever see Ped Xing again, I may have to Terry Tate his ass!
by laserboots November 23, 2009
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One of the world's best office linebackers.
We hired an office linebacker after watching terry tate tackle people, yell at people and making a fat man cry in his videos.
by Andrew July 24, 2003
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The brilliant character created by Reebok's marketing staff. Hired into a major corporation, his job is to improve office productivity by means of tackling the shit out of any whiny cracker who thinks he's too good to refill the coffee pot, handle his own K-22 paper jams, or throw the soda can into the proper recycling bin.
"Yesterday, Fred from human resources got slammed into the wall by our loveable Terry Tate after he forgot to use a cover sheet on his fax report."
by The Toe February 16, 2005
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A reebok commercial icon who revolutionized the industry by bringing both hard hitting action and classical humor to the T.V. Terry Tate has changed my outlook on life and gave me a real idea of how rough office life can be.
(playing backyard football) WHHOOOOOHHOOOO, here comes the pain train baby, Terry Tate is gonna make grass outta your ass, BIATCH!!!

(tackle the waiter while waiting for food) I ordered those eggs 14 minutes ago, don't make me tackle you again son.

(yelling at teacher) I'm sick of all this homework bitch! dont' make me knock your ass out and choke u with those chalk brushes.
by birwin July 7, 2006
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