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According to the ADC of New Jersey: "In general, Arab-Americans are better educated than the average American. More of them attend college, and they earn masters or higher degrees at twice the average rate. Because they tend to be well educated and of working age, their work force rates are high. Eighty percent of Arab-Americans aged 16 and older were employed in 1990, compared with 60 percent of all Americans. In addition, only 7 percent of Arab-American entrepreneurs receive public assistance, compared with 1.7 percent of non-Arab-Americans."

So I would like to take a moment to say "suck it" to all of you uneducated Fox viewers because it has been statistically proven that Arab-Americans are harder, more educated workers and citizens than you. And let's face it, if you like Fox and follow the "teachings" of Glenn Beck, you are MUCH further down than the average American.

DISCLAIMER: The average American is of a high esteem. But not the Fox viewer.
A shortened list of notable Arab-Americans:
Vince Vaughn, Tony Shalhoub, Fredwreck, Shakira, Salma Hayek, Paula Abdul, Omar Sheika, Helen Thomas, Victoria Reggie Kennedy, James Zogby, George Joulwan, Zainab Salbi, John Abizaid, Steve Jobs, John Zogby, George A. Samara, Ahmed Zewail.
by A proud Palestinian-American February 23, 2011
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a person who is not arab but they give the apperance of it. They are people of darker skin tones and are neither fair nor albino. usually they are oil mongers and also great beer pong players by pure natural habit.
Nathan: Jacob, i cant tell what you are?
Jacob: Dude, im not arabamerican if thats what your asking.
Nathan: Dude, well lets face it, your only good at two things; drilling for oil and bp
Jacob: Bet
by Nathan Cox May 29, 2008
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