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Terriana is a beautiful , outspoken young lady who don't take nothing from anyone . She makes friends easily and is committed to them . She is a boy magnet . Also very intellegant
Man , Terriana always coming to school fresh .
by Meaning February 03, 2015
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Terriana is so beautiful all the boys are always falling at her feet she is very athletic and has a great shoulder for you to lean on. You can count on her but don’t tell her secrets Because she’s gonna tell her best friend duh. She seems quiet sometimes but she’s not. Don’t doubt her
Dang Terriana is so hot
by Ooftrain September 15, 2018
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Terriana is an amazing girl, she is gorgeous and perfect in every way. She doesn’t know her true potential and beauty. She is a magnet for boys, they all try to get her but it’s usually too late. She only likes big dicks and balls. Terriana is a athletic/lazy girl who shouldn’t be taken for granted.
Terriana is so awesome don’t let her down she’ll stab you
by da_bishawo November 25, 2018
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