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A cute, affectionate nickname for the nickname Terri or Terry, which are nicknames for Theresa, Teresa, or Terrence.
Person: Hey Terri, you're super cute. Can I call you Terrbear?

Terri: Sure thing cutie! :DD
by TerriTheAsian April 10, 2009
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A Teamster, or truck driver, who thinks he is macho, but in reality likes to lounge around the house in pink undies and Teddy Bear slippers. Often found eating Quiche on Sunday mornings.

Terr-Bears love to have their cheeks pinched by mommy.

Terr-Bears reserve Saturdays for vacuuming, laundry and doing their nails.
My son drives big rigs by day, but at night when the lights go low, he's just a big hairy Terr-Bear.
by SunPilot December 10, 2009
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